How DAMAGE SHIELD Protects Hair with Biomimetics


what causes daily hair damage?

As strong and resilient as your hair is naturally, it’s constantly exposed to harsh elements.

  • Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun causes photodamage and oxidative reactions that decrease strength and elasticity which cause hair to weaken and color to fade.

  • Airborne pollutants in the environment can break down the proteins and lipids in your hair which leave it more prone to frizz, rough texture, and breakage.

  • Mechanical damage from brushing, combing, and styling can also strip away hair’s protective outer cuticle layer, leaving it more prone to damage at the deeper cortex layer that provides your hair with strength and elasticity.

  • The water you wash your hair with can contain hard water minerals that make hair feel rough, dull, and tangle more easily. It can also have trace metal pollutants that decrease hair strength, damaging its structure and lead to dryness or dullness.



now for the good news: you can prevent damage

Using groundbreaking biomimetic technologies, DAMAGE SHIELD conditioner protects hair before this daily damage occurs.

This clinically proven formula shields from 3 major types of damage for up to 3 days*.



how does DAMAGE SHIELD use biomimetics to protect hair?

Biomimetics is the practice of learning from and mimicking nature. K18 harnesses this approach in every product formulation and our new DAMAGE SHIELD conditioner is no exception. 


Every time you condition with DAMAGE SHIELD, your hair gets:


  • Defense against daily damage: DAMAGE SHIELD’s biotech-produced polysaccharide is inspired by a marine microorganism that has to cope with intense environmental aggressors like sunlight and salt water. It protects hair against environmental damage from UV rays and pollutants. By providing your hair with slip to minimize friction, DAMAGE SHIELD provides additional protection from mechanical damage caused by brushing and styling. 

  • Hair health maintenance: A fortifying ceramide blend helps restore this lipid, which is naturally found in hair, to reinforce damage sites in the hair cuticle, making hair more resilient and resistant to damage. Our patented K18PEPTIDE™ replenishes protein lost during washing.

  • Enhanced natural shine: DAMAGE SHIELD’s pH-optimized formula minimizes excess cuticle swelling during washing to help keep hair smooth and maximize shine.

  • Softening, smoothing + detangling benefits: Our formula is free of film-forming silicones or waxes to deliver weightless moisture without causing buildup on the surface of hair.


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