Divya's Masterclass



Unlock the power of world-renowned healing recipes and ancient Ayurvedic teachings to transform your health in a way that’s personalized for your goals, your body type and lifestyle

What’s Included

  • Over 8 hours of guided video instruction in 5 modules
  • Comprehensive interactive workbooks as companions for each module
  • Additional tools for self-study including review quizzes, reflection questions and space for note-taking


About Divya

Divya Alter is a pioneer of Ayurvedic cooking in the West, having taught over 20,000 students for the past 13 years, both in New York City and abroad. She is the co-founder of the nation’s first Ayurvedic culinary school (Bhagavat Life) and the chef-owner of the award-winning New York City restaurant, Divya’s Kitchen, which reimagines classic dishes through an Ayurvedic lens.

Divya began her practice over 30 years ago as an intern in the kitchen of a yoga ashram in her native country of Bulgaria. Soon after, she moved to India, where she became captivated by Ayurveda and the notion that prevention and healing can take place through food (it is through Ayurveda that she cured herself from an autoimmune disease). Consequently, Divya became a certified nutritional consultant, educator and chef in the Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda tradition.