Fine Hair Essentials - Qiyorro
Fine Hair Essentials
سعر عادي
QAR 292
سعر البيع
QAR 292
سعر عادي
QAR 417
بيعت كلها
سعر الوحده

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Strengthens, clarifies, and nourishes hair while delivering noticeable volume and body. This set uses a combination of green tea antioxidants, citrus juices and lemongrass to remove product build-up and reduce oil production to extend time between shampoos—without drying hair or scalp. Lavender and eucalyptus extracts offer a calm, uplifting aromatherapy experience.

Turn up the volume with this shampoo & conditioner that's perfect for limp lifeless hair. It's also ideal when your scalp gets oily but your ends remain dry. 

Best for fine and/or oily hair, including color-treated hair.

Set includes:

Voluminous Shampoo

Voluminous Conditioner