Rahua Color Addict Set - Qiyorro
Rahua Color Addict Set
سعر عادي
QAR 308
سعر البيع
QAR 308
سعر عادي
QAR 440
بيعت كلها
سعر الوحده

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Prevent color-treated hair from fading and maintain desired tones. Our exclusive full spectrum color protection complex is ideal for all shades of color-treated and highlighted hair. Plus keeps natural hair colors vibrant.Scented with the exotic fragrance of Gardenia flowers.Color Protection Complex3 Layers of Protection:1. Fine Rahua oil molecules push color pigment deep into strands for staying power2. Lilac clay fills in porous, dry hair, balances hair tonality and reduces brassiness3. Morete oil provides an exterior shield, encapsulating and protecting locks from fading

Best For: All shades of color-treated, highlighted, and natural colored hair

Natural Notes: Floral & Sweet

Set Includes:

Color Full™ Shampoo

Color Full™ Conditioner