Raspberry Heavy Lashes
Haneen Alsaify
Raspberry Heavy Lashes
سعر عادي
QAR 85
سعر البيع
QAR 85
سعر عادي
بيعت كلها
سعر الوحده

Bold, beautiful & dramatic, these lashes make the ultimate statement.  Each box contains four lashes: two for each eye.
The lashes can be used up to 50 times.



Start by curling your natural lashes and applying mascara.

Now that you’re prepped and primed, you can apply your eyelashes. You can use your fingers, an applicator, or a tweezer to do so. If you’re using your fingers to apply magnetic lashes (with the sandwich method), place a fake lash on top of your lashes, close to the lash line. Take the bottom lash and place it underneath your lash, sandwiching your natural lashes. When you do so, the magnets should click together. If using a lash applicator, put the top lash on top of the lash applicator. Next, put the bottom lash underneath the top lash and bring it close to the lash line until it clicks together.

Keep in mind that the one with the red dot is for the bottom lash.

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