What’s In K18 Molecular Repair Hair Oil and How To Use It?

You’ve probably used an oil in your hair routine, so what makes K18 Molecular Repair Hair Oil so special? The science tells us that a lot of frizz is caused by deeper-level damage, so creating a product that only coats the outside of hair wasn’t going to cut it. It was intentionally formulated with ingredients that work on two levels of the hair fiber for immediate + long-term strength and smoothness. 

Let’s meet the science star players that make this happen.

The inner layer player

Damaged hair is more susceptible to frizz, so the key to long-term frizz prevention is reversing the damage that causes it. Inside K18 Molecular Repair Hair Oil is patented molecular repair technology: the K18PEPTIDE™. This peptide works at the molecular level to address frizz-causing damage—delivering clinically proven damage repair* in just 4 minutes.

The outer layer players 

Now we know when it comes to oil, you expect it to control frizz immediately—like those pesky flyaways around your face. So ،18 couldn’t just leave you with long-term repair, K18 also wanted to employ ingredients that deliver immediate satisfaction. 

K18 engineered this product with natural oils that work on the surface AND past the cuticle layer for more effective frizz control. Nourishing ingredients like sunflower oil, hemisqualane, and squalane reinforce hair’s moisture barrier, delivering immediate frizz reduction and enhanced shine without weighing hair down. This weightless oil packs a punch, delivering 24-HR frizz control* and 104% more shine* with just 1-3 drops. 

The hot take ingredient 

To prevent further frizz-causing damage and break the frizz cycle, it was formulated with avocado oil. it was chosen for its high smoke point, meaning it resists breaking down at higher temperatures compared to other natural oils. So next time you reach for your hot tools, you can safely style with up to 450°F (232°C) heat protection*.


How do I use it?

Just like all of highly concentrated formulas, the K18 Molecular Repair Hair Oil was made to use less, waste less, and still give you the best results. Start with 1-3 drops of this weightless formula on damp, towel-dried hair, applying from the mid-lengths to ends. Then you can build as needed without weighing hair down.

In the oil, the peptide works at the innermost layers to reverse frizz-causing damage. Just wait 4 minutes after applying before you begin styling so it has time to soak in and do its thing. Once your hair is dry, you can go in with another 1-3 drops to smooth frizz and flyaways, and as a finisher to add 104% more shine*. 

So, where does it fit in my routine?

Cool thing is, the biotech breakthrough fights frizz on both damp and dry hair. Here’s what that looks like with the full K18 routine:

Want to fight frizz and damage before drying or styling?

Use it on damp hair for clinically proven damage repair* and 24-HR frizz control*. 

Seeing flyaways, split ends, or dullness after styling? 

Get 104% more shine* and a 78% reduction in split ends* on dry hair too! 

P.S. this oil really does it all. Use it before you reach for those hot tools to get 450°F (232°C) heat protection* and help prevent further frizz-causing damage long-term.

Can I use it with my K18 mask?

Use the oil and mask together to get maximum hair strength with additional styling benefits. The hair experts know best, so we’ll let PRO stylist + educator Eric Vaughn show you how our leave-in molecular repair hair mask and oil work together in your routine:


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