It’s one of the most hotly debated topics in the beauty world. Are facial mists must-haves in your beauty routine or are they just bottles of overpriced, overhyped scented water?

Ok so let’s be honest, basic skincare routines should just include a cleanser, serum, moisturizer & sunblock. But as Qiyorro founder, Najla Alfardan points out, “toners, essence, balms & mists are also important if your skin needs that little bit extra.”
Today, mists are much more than fragranced water. They’re loaded with hydrating ingredients and enhanced with nutrients & antioxidants. Yet mists get a bad rap because they come with no rules. Ironically, though, that’s exactly what makes them so versatile. Whether you need a midday hydration fix, a post-workout beauty refresh or just a setting spray for makeup, mists do it all. And with more brands focusing on skin-concern specific mists, they now double up as acne-fighting, age defying superheroes.

Not sure which mist will work best for you? We’ve got you!

Best Hydrating & Anti-ageing Mist

Dr. Barbara Sturm Hydrating Mist

Loaded with hyaluronic acid and Dr. Sturm’s unique age-defying ingredient, purslane, this mist keeps skin supple and youthful.

Ideal for Acne-prone or Oily Skin

Odacite Purifying Mist with Mint & Green Tea
Give your skin oil-free hydration (which is so important for skin not to produce excess sebum). And purify skin with ingredients like mint & green tea. You can spritz some on before you use a serum in the morning, or after a workout or even to set your makeup.

Best for Redness, Puffiness & Sensitive Skin

Odacite Hydra Repair Aloe Imortelle Mist

This amazing mist has hyaluronic acid, chamomile & sea fennel extract, which means it instantly hydrates skin but also calms any redness or puffiness.

The Perfect Mist for Dull Dehydrated Skin

Goldfaden MD Mist RX
Mist RX is a multitasker, loaded with hydrating ingredients and antioxidants which plump skin, promote an even skin tone and protect from UV pollution!

The Best All Rounder Mist

Kayo Hydration Serum Mist
What we love about this mist is that it works for all skin types and doubles up as a body mist too giving you a hydration boost any time you need it.