About Najla

Hi, I’m Najla and I’m so glad that you’re here!
You may know me as the founder of Qiyorro but my beauty and wellness journey began much before this website was even an idea.

I’ve been obsessed with all things beauty for as long as I can remember. But life had other plans for me.

While my friends were discovering the joys of clear lip gloss and sparkly eyeshadow, I spent most of my adolescence struggling with weight fluctuations, body issues and low self-esteem. I never looked like the girls on television. Arab women were hardly ever represented in mainstream media. But like most young girls, I too longed to be beautiful- largely based on what I saw on the screen, rather than on what beauty now means to me.

Come university, and hello mild acne! You’d think the double whammy of acne and being diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) would have made my already bad situation worse. Surprisingly, it didn’t. IBS, in fact, forced me to understand my body so that I could take control of the symptoms that were otherwise controlling me.
Life really does have a funny way of teaching us. If it weren’t for these experiences, I would have never asked the right questions or taken matters into my own hands. Since then, I’ve made a continuous effort to learn more about food, nutrition, exercise and active ingredients in makeup and skincare to not just look good, but feel good. Today, I’m a Certified Nutritionist and International Skincare Consultant. Despite these credentials, you’ll still find me buried in books or searching the internet for both ancient wisdom as well as the newest wellness trends. I always say “the more I learn, the more I realize how much I have yet to learn.”

Now, a little older and a lot wiser (or so I’d like to think), I channelled my passion into creating an online platform, so we not only have access to top notch beauty and wellness products, treatments and tools, but can also share our stories and learn from one another. I know there’s no one solution that works for all, but we, at Qiyorro, would love to be part of your beauty journey in any way, whether it’s inspiring you with real stories or recommending products or better yet, lifestyle changes.

It would fill our hearts with absolute joy to know you feel beautiful and confident in your own skin.
We’re in this together, always…