About us

Qiyorro is Qatar's first conscious beauty platform. 

(Pronounced kee-yo-roh)

Qiyorro is a name we coined to illustrate our unique approach to beauty.

We believe that beauty isn’t just about how you look; it’s about how you feel, think and live.

It’s the sum of all parts – mental wellbeing, gut health, skincare, hair care and self-love.

The Japanese have a beautiful term that describes this interconnectedness between the heart, mind, body & soul. They call it Kokoro. We took this concept and blended it with the idea of the Qi or vital life force that flows endlessly and binds everything together. Qi reminds us that beauty, much like each of us, is absolutely unique, dynamic, harmonious and most importantly, a combination of elements. For us, Qiyorro (Qi + Kokoro) is a modern embodiment of these beautiful, time-tested philosophies that exemplify how each of us is a sum of parts, which makes us whole from the inside out.

With Qiyorro, we aim to start a new narrative in the region that shifts the focus to more holistic and sustainable beauty & wellness solutions. We want to do this through honest recommendations, personal stories, global expertise and incredible products. Everything we create or curate, we do for you to feel more confident and beautiful in your own skin.

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