Skin Cycling Kit
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Skin Cycling Kit
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Have you tried skin cycling? 
This is one of the few Tik Tok beauty trends that gets our nod of approval. Largely because the concept comes from New York-based dermatologist, Dr. Whitney Bowe. 
She saw people overusing skincare, over-exfoliating their skin, layering on products that should not be layered, and causing more damage in the bargain. That's when she decided to simplify things for all of us with a simple 4-day pattern for skincare, post cleansing.
Our Qiyorro Pro Tip: leave your skin cycling for the night and use a hydrating serum, moisturizer, and SPF during the day. 

Night 1: Exfoliate with Active Serum, our favorite acid-based exfoliating serum, and layer your moisturizer over it
Night 2: Use retinol. We at Qiyorro, are extremely vary of retinols and we have 2 on the site that we know are incredible and won't cause dryness and irritation. Our absolute go-to is Georgia Louise Vitamin A Serum. Top it up with a moisturizer 
Night 3 & 4: Use a hydrating serum like Dr. Barbara Sturm's Hyaluronic Serum and a moisturizer or only the latter like IUNIK Beta Glucan Daily Moisturizer Cream